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The Sanford Historic Trust seeks black and white photographs for the 2022 Images of Sanford calendar.  The deadline to submit is July 9, 2021.

Thirteen photographs will be chosen for the 2022 calendar.  This year's theme: This is Sanford.  Photographs of street scenes, storefronts, restaurants, waterfront, outdoor sports, homes, porches, holidays, and Sanford events will be considered.  

Selected photographs will be framed by the Sanford Historic Trust and exhibited at the Gallery on First in October.  Selected photographers will have the opportunity to sell the photos at the gallery during the exhibit.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Submissions open April 1, 2021
  • Submission deadline is July 9, 2021.
  • Each photographer may submit up to three black and white photos.
  • Email entries to
  • Include location/address and description for each photo.
  • Horizontal images fit the calendar format better than vertical.
  • Photos must be submitted electronically and be high resolution (at least 300 dpi on 8X10).
  • Photographs must be submitted by the original photographer.

The Orlando Camera Club is helping with the submission process and will select the winning photos via a blind judging process.

Submitted images will remain the property of the photographers, but permission is granted to the Sanford Historic Trust to use them for the calendar and Trust promotional purposes.

Project coordinators are Kathy Hull and Reg Garner. Questions can be sent to


If interested, please complete and return this form

Congratulations 2021 Winners!

  • Cover photo: Denny Gibbs
  • January: Jessica McCarty-Carvajal
  • February: Kathy Hull
  • March: Michael Hall
  • April: Jeff Ferrell
  • May: Tony Cerino
  • June: Wayne Bennett
  • July: Robin Sundwall
  • August: Reg Garner
  • September: John Pierce, Jr.
  • October: Michele Farfan
  • November: Andrea Cochran
  • December: Jim Thomas

Click here to view the 2021 Calendar 

Congratulations 2020 Winners!

  • Cover photo: Gene Kruckemyer
  • January: Reg Garner
  • February: Jim Peters
  • March: Wayne Bennett
  • April: Michele Farfan
  • May: Ana Jo Noviello
  • June: David Lounsbury
  • July: Kevin Wright
  • August: Jim Thomas
  • September: Denny Gibbs
  • October: John Pierce
  • November: Ameer Robinson
  • December: Tony Cerino


  • Anna Jo Noviello-Ynnamed Arches
  • Angie Migliore-Little Boy
  • Jim Peters-DAR Memorial Day Parade
  • David Rickly-Sanford Docks
  • John Pierce-Sanford Welcome
  • Andrea Cochran-Porchfest
  • Jessica Keller-Wall of Remembrance
  • Leon Konieczny-Restoration Home
  • Gene Kruckemyer-Memorial Day Parade
  • Nancy Sepulveda-Love Your Shorts Film Festival
  • Natalia Morris-Marina Island
  • Wayne Bennett-Foggy Marina
  • Jennifer Wiggins-Evening Rider
  • Reg Garner-Sanford Home

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Leon Konieczny-Restoration Home

2018 Images of Sanford Calendar

  • Anna Jo Noviello-Willow Tree-Theo behind the bar
  • Carsten Basile-Sunset over Island
  • Cheryl Talamas-Stones spelling Sanford Rocks
  • Dee Larson-Old Docks
  • Jennifer Wiggins-Fun at Sanford Farmers Market
  • John Pierce-Stokes Mural
  • John Zawacki-Paddlewheel
  • Kathryn Louise-Fisherman
  • Kevin Wright-4th of July fireworks
  • Mary Ann Hull-Boys on Basketball Court
  • Matt Armon-Old Bridge
  • Reg Garner-Old House
  • Sharon Reed-Osprey

(Click here to view the 2018 calendar)

 2017 Images of Sanford Calendar

(click here to view the 2017 calendar)
 The 2017 Winning Photographers are:                                                
  • January - H.S.S. Tweed Ride - Photo by Keith Barnes
  • February - Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center - Photo by John Pierce
  • March - Local Cafe - Kathy Hull
  • April - Central Florida Z00 & Botanical Gardens - Photo by John Cullum
  • May - 1600 South Park Avenue - Photo by Sheila DiPace
  • June - Fishing from the Banks of Lake Monroe - Photo by Cindy Holdren
  • July 4th of July Fireworks from Magnolia Square - Photo by John Zawacki
  • August - Oil Barge Docks - Photo by Kevin Willer
  • September - Sanford Barber Shop - Photo by Anna Jo Noviello
  • October - Downtown Sanford - Photo by Mary Kent
  • November - Sofa and Suds - Photo By Christina Grace
  • December - Pavilion Swing at teh Sanford River Walk - Photo by Jennifer Wiggins
  • Cover Photo - Panoramic View of Lake Monroe and teh Sanford Waterfront, Drone Photo by Reg Garner

2016 Images of Sanford Calendar

Click here to view 2016 calendar

The 2016 winning photographers are:

  • John Alava
  • Carsten Basile
  • Cynthia Billings
  • Robert Cross
  • Tony DiPace
  • Jim Ermisch
  • Reg Garner
  • Doug Grosclose
  • Mary Kent
  • Blaik Mathews
  • Jay MacPhee
  • John Pierce
  • Lelenya Robertson

2015 Images of Sanford Calendar

2015 Images of Sanford, Florida Wall Calendar

The 2015 Winning Photographers are:

  • Reg Garner
  • Jim Peters
  • Glenn Clark
  • John Alava
  • John Pierce
  • Kevin Haley
  • Marcie Fry
  • Michele Farfan
  • Mindy Ardiles
  • Kathleen Hendrickson
  • Sacha Smith
  • Patty Bates
  • John Zawacki

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