Join us for the 29th Annual Holiday Tour of Homes
in early December, 2017 

December 2017 | Day(s)/Times TBD

Join us as we showcase Sanford’s historic charm this holiday season! 

The Sanford Historic Trust was formed in 1988 as a nonprofit organization which serves to evaluate, protect and preserve the architectural and historical heritage of the city through education and stewardship. The popular Holiday Tour of Homes is an annual fundraiser and showcases the city’s beautiful historic homes.

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Ticket and Tour information will be published here later in 2017 once the agenda is solidified.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tour like?
The 2017 Tour Is in the planning stages now. It takes a lot of time and effort to put on the tour, plus the help of many dedicated volunteers. Consider joining us. Contact us a

What should I wear?
Please dress comfortably, but respectfully. Flat, comfortable shoes are a must both for your comfort and for the protection of historic hardwood floors. Guests in high heels or shoes that could damage floors may be required to remove their shoes prior to entering a private property.

Does the Tour provide for people with disabilities?
The Tour takes place with private residences, rather than public spaces, and therefore are not often handicapped accessible. 

Are children allowed on the Tour?
The Tour is designed to provide an engaging experience for adults. Children may participate if they have an individually purchased adult ticket and the parent ensures their good behavior. Because of the risk to private property and collections, neither strollers, car seats, backpacks nor children strapped in any manner to an adult may enter private residences.  

Are Food and Drinks provided?

Food and Drinks have not yet been determined for the 2017 tour. However, we encourage you to come early to Historic Downtown Sanford, and/or stay late and enjoy one of our many fine, locally owned restaurants or bars. There are many dining and beverage locations available adjacent to the Residential Historic District.

What other general restrictions apply?

Ø No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed inside properties (unless stated otherwise by a homeowner).

Ø Please do not sit, lean on, or touch the furnishings, décor, drapes and walls.

Ø Cell phone calls distract other guests and take away from the ambience of the Tour. Please silence and put your phone away before entering private properties. You may return any necessary calls once you exit a property.


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